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Colacino Productions is a Business-to-Business (B2B) video, photographic, and audio production company.  We offer documentary- and narrative-style content creation and production services including talent acquisition, writing, directing, editing, and delivery. Our mission is to provide compelling media content that addresses commercial, entertainment, and societal objectives.

Products and Services


Our services include:

  • Script writing and/or consultation

  • Content production, comprised of pre-production planning, talent acquisition, directing, and production (shooting with the necessary crew and equipment)

  • Editing of video and/or audio

  • Graphics animation

  • Content delivery, including video/audio mastering

  • Aerial photography and videography
    (FAA part 107 certified)

  • Still photography

  • Voiceover recording

Server Installation


Unlike other production companies that require technical clients to educate content providers on their industry, we are well-versed in technical markets and terminology, so we can produce more impactful scripts faster, saving our clients time and money.  We speak the same language as our clients in the computer hardware, software, data storage, and semiconductor industries, which allows us to produce compelling content for technical audiences, and translate content for non-technical consumers. 

Our content is designed with a filmmaker’s aesthetic, resulting in the highest quality images and sound to represent our clients on television, the web, or silver screen. 


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